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Insurance Repair & Restoration

Our company began its Insurance Repair and Restoration Division in 1986. We repair losses ranging from minor repairs to major losses in excess of $3 million, including the successful restoration of hundreds of homes and commercial properties severely damaged by windstorm events and hurricanes over the years.

This Division specializes in the quality restoration of homes and businesses damaged by an insurable loss.

We offer a complete claims service from providing an estimate of repairs to total restoration of damaged property. Our loss assessments are prepared using Xactimate software, which is used by most insurance carriers and independent adjusting firms, and IntegriClaim (formerly DDS), the fastest growing and most advanced software in the insurance industry for writing, transmitting and managing claims.

The RCO Insurance Repair and Restoration Division has experience successfully restoring properties that have incurred damages including Storm, Fire, Water, Vehicle Impact and Vandalism/Burgulary.


The RCO Contractors Disaster Relief Team specializes in insurance home recovery. We are well experienced in handling your home improvement needs from the initial claim to the final inspection.

At RCO Contractors, we have the expertise to restore properties damaged by storm, hurricane, flooding and wind. From minor shingle repairs and storm door replacements to complete structural restoration - RCO is on-hand ensure that your repairs are meticulously completed. need.


When a fire damages your home, you need quick answers. Our fire damage team can provide a detailed damage and reconstruction plan - you can count on a careful evaluation and loss-control action.


When a residential or commercial facility experiences water damage, let RCO offer our many years of expertise.

After a water loss, conditions are ideal for mold, mildew, and other related bacterial growth. When RCO's services are immediately brought-in after a water loss, there is a significant decrease in the ability for these agents to grow. With the current health concerns for indoor air quality, RCO is a great asset in getting your property dry and free from biological growth.


When vehicle impact causes major or even minor damage we check for unseen structural damage. We know that you may face more serious problems in the future - we eliminate that potential now.


Within minutes of your call, RCO is on the job securing windows and doorways, changing locks, replacing glass and restoring security back to your home.

Call Us 24 Hours a Day
Our emergency crews are on-call, ready and equipped to prevent further property damage and start you on the road to recovery.

We Are Experienced in Working With Your Insurance Company

We will work closely with you and your insurance company to ensure that the items damaged are replaced with quality products. Our representatives can assure this by accurately recommending the best course of action for you. Thus, our knowledge and expertise assures you the best results possible in functionality and appearance.

Most importantly, RCO Contractors is with you creating peace of mind and taking the hassle out of choosing a contractor based on "bids" or "estimates." We work directly with the insurance company's assessment to make the repairs to your home. Your insurance company has predetermined rates for us to accomplish the necessary repairs.

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